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Food Safety Education Month- By Adjwoa R. Hogue R.S.

Updated: Feb 2

Practicing good food hygiene is important to ensure the food you and your family consume is safe. Poor hygiene procedures can put your family & friends at risk. Have you ever noticed severe diarrhea or nausea after a BBQ or family gathering? Most times, we typically think because of a stomach ache “we ate too much” or “the food is unhealthy”, but in reality we have to take in consideration that maybe the potato salad has been on the counter for over 4 hours without refrigeration can cause harmful bacteria to form. Or just maybe your Uncle had to use the restroom quickly but there was nowhere to wash hands and he just made your hamburger? Now whatever he had on his hands is on your hamburger. The number one way to avoid food poisoning is to wash your hands! You should wash & dry your hands regularly when handling food. Below I have some food safety tips for your summer/fall events:

  • Wash hands regularly

  • Keep foods either cold (41F) or hot (135F)- Bring ice or heating supplies

  • If food is left at room temperature for over 4 hours- toss it

  • Keep raw food, especially meats away from ready to eat foods (foods that don’t need to be cooked- breads, fruits, and veggies)

  • Use different serving utensils for each food item

  • Cook all meats thoroughly- check temperatures

  • Serve it promptly!

Food is the best way to bring people together! Let’s keep it safe!

-Adjwoa N. Hogue R.S

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