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National Minority Health Month

By: Ahrein Bennett

Hi A Rose NFP followers,

The month of April is known as Minority Health Month!

Many of us can never forget the extremely chaotic year of 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic revealed for some and confirmed for others, centuries-worth of health inequities for historically marginalized groups. Historically marginalized people like people of color, sexual and gender minorities, socioeconomically disadvantaged persons, and rural communities, are more likely to endure poor health outcomes and health inequity in the U.S.

The unfortunate reality is that individuals that identify with one or more of these groups are more likely to be diagnosed and/or die from diseases--primarily due to systemic discrimination and social determinants of health. For example, the National Cancer Institute states that "Hispanic/Latino and Black/African American women have higher rates of cervical cancer than women of other racial/ethnic groups, with Black/African American women having the highest rates of death from the disease".

Photo Courtesy of Callie Womble, 2014

During this month of April, we acknowledge minority health, inequalities that take place, and aim to advance health equity. See how you can be a part of the movement below!

Join A Rose NFP in advancing health equity by:

  1. Continuing to follow and share our blogs for health education

  2. Attending and inviting others to our events for opportunities to improve personal and community health


About Author:

Arhein Bennett, MPH, CPH, CHES


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